Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello, I'm Lovie Divine

As one that has discvered her passion to write, I had toiled with the meaning of it all until I discovered that the gift that was instilled in me to write was not at all mine alone, but it belonged to God to give to the world. All my life, I composed songs, poems, and letters on subject matters that warranted an incited expression from my heart to my pen. Many times it was merely moments of muse to dislodge my brain from boredom that a pen was in my hand, than to imagine myself made wealthy by success as an artist or an achiever of illustrious writ. My actual dream was that an invention or business idea would bring me success. 
     As a matter of fact, I had never counted that my impulse to write any more significant than anyone else’s. Therefore, to make the claim that it was for writing that I abandoned the corporate world would be a misnomer. For the puzzle pieces of fictional characters, and storylines I had created between case calls, employed as a Benefits Analyst, began forming into my first book. But approaching age 40, I found that my life had taken a different turn, to the higher call of ministry and my household, and I began settling into the life of my calling like a manor on a hill that had taken root to the ground as deep as the great trees surrounding it.
     By faith, I embraced a different goal than a financial dependency upon a hard earned paycheck, and as many hours I had formerly worked, I chose to do what I loved most; that is to write. I engulfed myself further into writing poetry, stories, and sometimes lyrics, and I began piecing together my first book. And by the time I had finished it, I discovered I had written a 12 year novel. It opened my eyes, and I was stunned for a new discovery of something I wished I had realized a decade ago; that I am a writer. But this discovery still needed to be purposeful in my heart, and I sought how it could glorify the Lord.
     I struggled within myself on the proposed genre that seemed to be merged into my spirit, whether it was a work of the flesh or a tool God that could use to draw souls to Himself; and I waited for my answer. Until one day, when it was revealed by God bringing my attention to why there was a need for my talent. He showed me that people needed to understand that romance and marital intimacy is what He designed and is His desire for His people. Only then did I come to the needed serenity; that it is He, not I, I wish to glorify. So, I do not know if the stories inside me will produce works that will qualify me to be compared to some of the greatest of authors today or those renown of old. 
     But it is for more reason that meets the eye that I must release words from my soul like a river flowing, til the last sentence, and closing with the momentous six strokes of pecking upon my keyboard to write “the end.” For it is not just a talent I have, nor is it just a passion; but above all, it is my worship. My greatest concern is not for the critics who will rightly judge my work’s value, but I revere to induce the faith, the joy, and inspiration within others, that may come as a result of this burden within me to write.
     And so I will say to one as if I am saying to all as one; to all who share in my love for Christ; and to all who will be entertained and inspired to faith by a glimpse of His love through what I write; may this gift within me bring a blessing to you always. May you laugh, may you tear, and may your heart revere, to be in love, and love God most of all. Yours truly, Lovie Divine.


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