Monday, May 7, 2012

Read Poetry by Lovie Divine on

I began writing poetry to post on this site in the 90's. However, when the site became sold, I had lost many submissions; but thanks to my wonderful daughter Crystal's search in the archives, many of the submissions were found. They were re-submitted to the current archives, so they will not hold their original dates that they were created. If you desire to, you may view and rate my poetry. Here is the ABC's to view my amateur poetry. A.) Go to and click the link to the top, Search poems. You will then have the option to search poems by Author. B.) In the appropriate blanks, enter my first name Lovie, last name Divine. All of my submissions will appear. Add your review, and if you like the poem, click a thumbs up. C.) To see my bio and achievements, click my name that is beside my photo. Your reviews will help me achieve point goals,  and rankings, and a thumbs up will raise my points further. Remember, I am your Lovie Divine, you are my greatest fans. Thank you for the compliment of reading my works.